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The RFIC Digital Ecosystem

RFIC has created a digital ecosystem that surrounds certified small business government contractors. The RFIC community will be able to direct the necessary support to your business through your Company's profile to help you to secure the necessary team mates and support staff that will help you compete for, and win contracts. RFIC intends to leverage two important concepts: there is power in numbers and knowledge in power. Realize the benefits of membership in a healthy, viable small business digital system. Tap into the power of networking through our small business locator, enjoy RFIC corporate discounts, as well as the RFIC-RFP, which will consist of companies bidding on services and supplies that your business needs. REGISTER now and start enjoying the benefits of membership.



RFIC will use your company's primary and secondary NAICS codes to search for Government RFIs, Sources Sought, and RFPs. Using these NAICS codes, the RFIC will be able to match your company with complementary small businesses, affording a team of small businesses the opportunity to pursue larger contracts.



RFIC is in the process of coordinating discount opportunities with companies (e.g.: car rental, credit cards, office supplies, computer and computer services) that will make everyday purchases for small business owners more affordable. This is just one of the advantages that will sharpen your competitive edge and allow you to compete with large companies.



Frequently, small businesses need help navigating through contracts, however full time staffing of proposal writers, lawyers, and subject matter experts, is not fiscally feasible. RFIC can facilitate your access to these skilled professionals adept at crafting winning proposals.